Price Indications today for Vietnam  whole Black pepper are as follows :

Whole Black Pepper Min 500 gl asta cleaned Max 10% LB, FM  0.2%  ‎Moisture Max 12 % USD 6550 Fob Hcmc

‎( Less density Material hard to source currently)

Whole Black Pepper Min 550 gl asta cleaned Max 5 % LB, FM  0.2%  ‎Moisture Max 12 % USD 6750 Fob Hcmc

Whole Black Pepper Min 570 gl asta cleaned Max 2 %  LB, FM  0.2%  ‎Moisture Max 12 % USD 6800  Fob Hcmc

‎( Prices for just Machine cleaned with no limit on Moisture and Light Berries could be possible usd 100 cheaper from others )

Please ask for steam sterilised pepper as well as  Pesticide complaint as per European MRL whole Black steam sterilised  for ‎November / December/ January shipment.

Brazil prices also weakened during the week with BASTA possible with USD 7200 FOB Belem for November and December shipment and B1 USD 7100 FOB Belem and B 2 7000 FOB Belem.

Indonesian LASTA reportedly traded USD 3.25/lb cfr New York for November and December shipment  with only one seller in the market and others not active as the harvesting of the crop is over.

Sarawak Pepper due to poor crop is priced high and yellow label at USD 7800 FOB Kuching.

Indian MG 1 staying high at usd 11075 Pmt FOB Cochin for November shipment. Locals expecting further increase in prices but the trade in general feels the other way.

The present climate situation  in Vietnam and India are not conducive for Pepper Vines ( excess rains in Vietnam which is causing root decay disease in a big way and influx of quick wilt in many pepper growing provinces especially in Daklak the second largest growing area and in India with rain fall 40% to 60%  lower than required)   so make use of deep discounts offered by Vietnam sellers if it’s emanating from reputed and reliable houses.